[ Rollers and polyurethane gaskets for industrial applications ]

We manufacture and/or coat industrial rolls with polyurethane, also we made polyurethane gaskets, wheels and anything you require made of polyurethane.

Committed to excellence, with the best delivery time in Monterrey.


We stand out for:


In order to make your repairs more durable, our raw material is of the highest quality (the best in the market). This is why our engineers have developed a reinforcer and we have created "polyeterno" exclusively for sale in Poliuretano Industrial.

Excellent service, the customer is first

Personalized service with free technical advice to help you increase your productivity with longer rollers, don't waste time in having to constantly change your rollers, we advise you which are the the best products for your process.

Urgent work

We are committed to deliver your polyurethane rollers and/or gaskets in a record time, without sacrificing the properties of polyurethane, thanks to a novel express curing system designed by our engineers. We are the fastest in Monterrey !!!

Quality Products

In Poliuretano Industrial we are committed to deliver all our work with an excellent quality, each piece is carefully examined by our quality team that has vast experience to meet your needs of resistance to wear, load capacity, chemical resistance, etc.


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